Author (s): Honcharenko O. G.

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Honcharenko O. G.

Doctor of Economic Sciences, assistant Professor,

Head of Department of Economic and social disciplines,

Academy of State Penitentiary Service, Chernihiv, Ukraine

Language: Ukrainian

Scientific Herald of Sivershchyna. Series: Education. Social and Behavioural Sciences 2020. № 1 (4): 39–51


The article addresses the current threats to Ukraine`s economic security in the dynamic conditions of economic system development. Ensuring economic security is considered as one of the most important national priorities for the development of the national economy. The threats to the national interests o the country and its economic security are determined to be grouped in the economic, social, political and legal spheres Over the pas three year Ukraine has managed to restore macroeconomic stability, to ensure a slight increase in Gross Domestic Product per capita, to reduce the shadowing of the economy, to launch reforms, but still there are many internal and external challenges that «stuck» at the commodity-industrial level of development. At the present stage of market economy development Ukraine faces numerous challenges, the solution of which is a priority, in particular: – low level of innovation and investment activity – in 2019 Ukraine took 53rd place in the ranking of countries (in 2018 – 46th place) according to the components of the Bloomberg innovation index. This decline is due to a decrease in the integrated components of this index, in particular: the intensity of research and development, productivity, use of innovative technologies, efficiency of higher education, patent activity and production of goods in value added. – shadowing of the national economy –according to the National Bank of Ukraine in 2019, such operations are almost a quarter of Gross Domestic Product or 846 billion UAH. The threat posed by the shadowing of the national economy is the distortion of the mechanisms of laws and market instruments, which leads to inefficiency and hinders its development. – availability of public debt – following the results of 2019, the public debt of Ukraine consists of domestic liabilities – 839 billion UAH. (which is 42% of the total) and external 1159.22 billion UAH (58% of total debt). – negative balance of foreign economic activity – according to the results of 2019, foreign trade trends have not changed compared to 2018. Ukraine continues to sell raw materials and agricultural products, and to buy oil products, polymer products, chemical fertilizers and many other finished goods. – instability of the national currency – despite the fact that over the past year it has been managed to stabilize the national currency, according to foreign exchange market analysts, the impact on the hryvnia «health» of «tomorrow and in the prospect» depends on cooperation with the International Monetary Fund. Despite the fact that economic security has a complex internal structure, its defining ability is to ensure the sustainable development of the national economy and the protection and realization of national interests of the state.

Key words: economic security, sustainable development of the national economy, threats to the economic security of Ukraine.


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