Author (s): Golotiuk O.V., Shmelova R.I.

Work place:

Golotiuk O.V.,

PhD in Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor
of the Department of Germanic and Romanic Philology

of the Faculty of Foreign Philology,

Kherson State University, Kherson, Ukraine;

ORCID: 0000-0002-2506-6909


Shmelova R.I.,

Junior researcher of the Department of Scientific Activity and International Cooperation,

Academy of the State Penitentiary Service, Chernihiv, Ukraine

ORCID: 0000-0001-7227-5511

Language: Ukrainian

Scientific Herald of Sivershchyna. Series: Education. Social and Behavioural Sciences 2020. № 2 (5): 23–37


The purpose of the article is based on the revealing the effectiveness of the in-dependent work for students in learning a foreign language during quarantine. The article focuses on the analysis of independent work of students, on the domestic experience of finding methods and forms of independent work for students in order to effectively master a foreign language, and also determines the place and role of independent work of students in higher educational institutions. In order to improve the independent work of students in the discipline “Practice of oral and written speech of French” while learning “Contemporary French cinema” there is work with an authentic French feature film “Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis”. A list of colloquial expressions in the language of Shti is also attached after watching the film in order to compare with modern French the semanticization of which is a non-translatable. Also some tasks are offered, such as: tasks for working with modern colloquial vocabulary, tasks for checking the comprehension of the watched film, for compiling a synopsis and discussion on the problems of the film and improving the monologue on the topic, as well as for controlling the acquired communicative competences. The proposed methodological development in the learning of French can be used both in the classroom and remotely by technical means during quarantine. By independent work we understand the students’ learning activities to perform the tasks of the teacher, or at his own request, which is aimed at consolidating, expanding and deepening previously acquired knowledge, as well as the assimilation of new material.

Thus, during independent work students have a variety of methods and ways to learn a foreign language in distance learning during quarantine: performing exercises on semanticization and commenting on conversational cliches, conversation and answers to questions to test comprehension drawing up a synopsis according to the proposed plan. All this facilitates the work of students to watch modern authentic French film, organize them to overcome language and speech difficulties, promote the acquisition of colloquial vocabulary, the formation of communicative competence in practical classes in French on “Modern French cinema”. Such work requires a lot of effort and its effectiveness depends on the student’s desire to learn and expand their own “horizons” of competencies.

The analysis of the article results provides further coverage of the problem and its latitude, as a university student must not only gain knowledge of the subject of the program, master the skills and abilities to use this knowledge, research methods, but also be able to acquire new scientific knowledge.

Key words: independent work, authentic film, French, Ch’ti language, colloquial vocabulary, communicative competence.


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