Author (s): Sirenko K.Yu.

Work place:

Sirenko K.Yu.,

PhD in Economics, Associate Professor,

Associate Professor of Department of Economic and social disciplines,

Academy of State Penitentiary Service, Chernihiv, Ukraine

ORCID: 0000-0003-2705-0924


Language: Ukrainian

Scientific Herald of Sivershchyna. Series: Education. Social and Behavioural Sciences 2023. № 1 (10): 216–224


The purpose of the article is to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the main problems of the agricultural sector during martial law in Ukraine. The war has extremely complicated the functioning of agricultural production due to the breakdown of logistics chains, destruction of infrastructure facilities, environmental disasters at corporate livestock farms, blocking of sales markets, and rising prices for agricultural fertilizers. Agriculture holdings monopolize state support for the entire agricultural sector, making it extremely difficult to develop family farming, and in the future it may become impossible. To achieve this goal, the article uses the methods of generalization, scientific abstraction, systemic and economic analysis. The article proves that international support for the reconstruction of Ukraine is extremely necessary today, which should be based on private investment involving the latest technologies, expanding trade and economic cooperation, strengthening European integration processes, and implementing new projects in Ukraine, in particular, related to production. Strategic directions for the development of the agricultural sector have been proposed, namely the expansion of affordable lending; increasing the amount of resources provided by our foreign partners; launching additional leasing programs for agricultural machinery that is not produced in Ukraine or whose production was made impossible due to the destruction or damage to production facilities; continuing the implementation of the FAO project to provide farmers with seeds, involving partner countries in the seed supply program on a bilateral basis (following the example of France); ensuring that the needs of farmers for plant protection products are met; building terminals for agricultural products near the state border of Ukraine with the EU, expanding the capacity of road and rail infrastructure.

Key words: agricultural sector, state support, financing, agricultural production, international support.


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