Author (s): Nazarko S.O., Suvorova S.H.

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Nazarko S.O.,

PhD in Economy, Аssociate Рrofessor;

Academic Secretary,

Penitentiary Academy of Ukraine

(Honcha Street, 34, Chernihiv, 14000, Ukraine,




Suvorova S.H.,

PhD in Economy, Associate Professor,

Associate Professor at the Department of Economics and Social Sciences,

Penitentiary Academy of Ukraine

(Honcha Street, 34, Chernihiv, 14000, Ukraine,




Language: Ukrainian

Scientific Herald of Sivershchyna. Series: Education. Social and Behavioural Sciences 2024. № 1 (12): 208–219


The article deals with a comprehensive study of the dynamics of the main indicators of the labor market under martial law. In addition, the research focuses on changes in the structure of employees and special attention is paid to the analysis of the wage level. The process of adaptation to new conditions of survival is analyzed, changes in the priority of vacant positions on the market are discussed. This helps determine the level of competition in the labor market and its effectiveness in providing employment. On the other hand, considering the future perspective of development, it is determined that the longer the hostilities continue, the more difficult it will be to maintain stability on the market.

A possible list of measures to restore the stabilization of the labor market in the post-war period on the territory of the state is proposed, proposals are made for consideration of changes in legislation and the development of mechanisms for the return of forced migrants, the creation of conditions for the involvement of young people in the labor market and the provision of professional orientation programs, professional development for fast and effective restoration of the labor market and the economy as a whole.

Key words: labor market, business adaptation, labor supply and demand, migration, war.


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