Author (s): Honcharenko O. G.

Work place:

Honcharenko O. G.

Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor,

Head of Department of Economic and social disciplines,

Academy of State Penitentiary Service, Chernihiv, Ukraine

ORCID: 0000-0003-1101-6019

Language: Ukrainian

Scientific Herald of Sivershchyna. Series: Education. Social and Behavioural Sciences 2021. № 2 (7): 35–46


The relevance of the article. Economic developments of the society is the top state priority in economy and guarantee of economic potential strengthening.

The economic crisis caused by Covid-19 has revealed a number of social problems in Ukrainian society that prevent economic and social transformation and Ukraine integration into the international financial space.

Purpose setting is in the studying deformations in the social sphere and assessment of the state of system threats to economic security of the country.

Presentation of the main material. Threatening character of deformations in the Ukraine social sphere requires introduction of social indicators monitoring which have influence on the state of economic security. It is proved that social and demographic component of economic security characterizes the possibility of the state to guarantee adequate and qualitative standard of living for population, favorable conditions of human capital development and level of labor resources provision that provide its sustainable growing. It is found out that among social problems in the society, and then the threat to economic security is worsening population health level, reduction in life expectancy, availability of high-quality treatment, high death rate, and decrease of employable population. It is defined that the poverty is caused by deficient labor legislature and social vulnerability, and labor migration threats social security. According to different resources from three to five million Ukrainian citizens live outside the country. Assessing of a statistic reveals that population employment doesn’t protect families from poverty, and 93,5% of poor people are individual homes with a single employable person and this shows low wages. It was established that there is a great difference in payments for work in Ukraine and European countries for the current year.

Conclusions. Economic growing and reforming of national economy is necessary for Ukraine for encouraging people to stay in the country and invest in their future in Ukraine. With implementation of comprehensive economic reforms Ukraine has the chance to create favorable conditions for economic strengthening and social development which can improve people expectations for their living in Ukraine in comparison with potential countries for employment.

Key words: social security, wages, labor migration, poverty.


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