Author (s): Honcharenko O. G.

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Honcharenko O. G.

Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor,

Head of Department of Economic and social disciplines,

Academy of State Penitentiary Service, Chernihiv, Ukraine

ORCID: 0000-0003-1101-6019


Language: Ukrainian

Scientific Herald of Sivershchyna. Series: Education. Social and Behavioural Sciences 2022. № 1 (8): 81–90


Relevance of the topic. Transformation of the national economy is impossible without a strategy of the state regulation of social processes, which will implement a model of socially oriented market economy based on free competition and social justice and social guarantees that can ensure a decent standard of living.

Social security is determined by the state of social interests protection and needs of an individual, society, by complying with social standards related to overcoming poverty and the formation of the middle class; standards of human development, in particular life expectancy and education; living standards and increasing the purchasing power of the population, etc.

Purpose setting is in studying the structural indicators of social security and assessing the systemic threats to national security.

Presentation of the main material. The assessment of social structure standards related to overcoming poverty and the formation of the middle class shows that about 90% of Ukrainians may face poverty and extreme economic vulnerability if the war drags on for a year. This can lead to the situation when nearly 90% of people will be either at risk of poverty or at high risk of it. The poverty line is defined by people living with $ 5.5 a day. The criteria of identification of the middle class in Ukraine include such characteristics as: a quality education and creative nature of socially useful work; work in the specialty, development of professional competencies and creative abilities, competitiveness in the labor market, healthy living and others.

According to the Human Development Index, the assessment of Ukrainian people potential growing is on the 53rd place in ranking. It is found out that in spite of great educational potential Ukraine doesn’t achieve it completely, as nearly half of the graduates don’t work in their speciality. The reason is in different understanding of the educational aim by stakeholders (the state, parents, youth and employers).

It is defined that the assessment of living standards and increasing purchasing power of the population decreased by 30%, despite the fact that the average monthly salary in Ukraine increased from 118 in the 90s to $ 500 in 2021. Therefore, the criterion of purchasing power is not the amount of money, which the employee receives, but the material benefits he can buy for his salary.

Conclusions. Social security is determined by the degree of protection of the social interests and social needs of the individual, society, state from the impact of internal and external threats.

Key words: social security, human capital, poverty, middle class, purchasing power.


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