Author (s): Didenko O.V.

Work place:

Didenko O.V.,

lieutenant colonel of the internal service,
lecturer of the Department of Legal and Special Training,

Territorially Separate Branch «Kamianske Branch of the Academy

of the State Penitentiary Service», Kamianske, Ukraine,

ORCID 0000-0003-2826-8749


Language: Ukrainian

Scientific Herald of Sivershchyna. Series: Education. Social and Behavioural Sciences 2022. № 2 (9): 65–75


In this article the main problems of psychological and pedagogical activity of penitentiary institutions during the martial law are considered. With the introduction of martial law in the country, the topic of studying the psychological state of law enforcement officers became relevant and became interesting for this study.

The purpose of the article. The aim is to reveal the main problems of psycho-emotional state faced by employees and to investigate the main factors influencing psychological stability and the consequences of not overcoming them in the performance of official duties of penitentiary personnel.

The results. The norms of professional ethics that require employees of penitentiary institutions are described. The main problems of violation of the psycho-emotional state of employees that occur in atypical conditions, namely martial law, are analyzed. The article examines and reveals the main factors such as psychological adaptation, unwillingness to perform professional duties under the influence of stressors, negative psycho-emotional states, loss of psycho-emotional balance and resilience in extreme conditions and their impact on personnel work with convicts.

Conclusions. The results of the study revealed the consequences of overcoming negative psycho-emotional factors and their impact on the further effectiveness of pedagogical activities of penitentiary personnel. Negative effects such as emotional burnout, occupational deformity and post-traumatic growth have been reported. This issue should be researched and studied in further research, because the current conditions of our state make it extremely relevant. Problems of psychological states of employees during martial law and their impact on the effectiveness of pedagogical activities of employees deserve wider consideration both in theoretical and practical terms.

Key words: stress, psycho-emotional state, penitentiary service, psychological and pedagogical activity, convict.


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