Author (s): Ostopolets І.Yu.,  Pachadzhy D.І., Konovalova V.О.

Work place:

Ostopolets І.Yu., 

Ph.D. in Psychology,

Associate Professor of the Department of General Psychology,

Donbass State Pedagogical University, Ukraine;

ORCID: 0000-0001-7315-2062


Pachadzhy D.І.,   


«Mariupol City Technological Lyceum of Mariupol City Council in Donetsk Region», Ukraine;


Konovalova V.О.

Practical psychologist of the PI «Mariupol City Technological Lyceum

of Mariupol City Council in Donetsk Region», Ukraine;


Language: Ukrainian

Scientific Herald of Sivershchyna. Series: Education. Social and Behavioural Sciences 2022. № 1(8): 141–153


The article is devoted to an empirical study of the influence of the sequence of child’s birth in the family on its lifestyle formation.

The paper summarizes the knowledge of world experience in studying the phenomenon of lifestyle in the perspective of socio-psychological approaches, including the research of modern scholars. It is revealed that the lifestyle is manifested in an individual’s integrity in interaction with the social environment.

The basic concepts, characteristics and mechanisms of lifestyle formation are studied. According to A. Adler, early childhood is defined as a sensitive period of establishing a person’s lifestyle.

The relevance of the study in high school students’ age category, taking into account their socio-psychological characteristics.

The methodological approaches to studying the problem are substantiated and the psycho-diagnostic tools of the research are determined. The use of psychological analysis of children’s memories is relevant in the work due to the fact that the peculiarities of their experience by the child form a picture of the world in the mind and encourage the development of certain behavioral strategies in accordance with the situations. Research of the motivational sphere according to the method of A.O. Rean allowed to determine the direction of high school students’ behavior and the peculiarities of motivation.

The psychological essence of the types of respondents’ lifestyles was experimentally studied. It is found out that middle-aged children are more motivated to succeed and form the most effective lifestyle. Regularities that help to identify general trends in the sequence of child’s birth in the family on its lifestyle formation have been revealed.

Key words: sequence of birth, lifestyle, motivation to succeed, avoidance of failures.


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